The legal wrangle between TV Lionman Craig Busch and his mother continues in the High Court today, but both sides remain tight-lipped about the proceedings.

Mr Busch and his mother Patricia are named on today's High Court list as parties to legal proceedings taking part in one of the court's conference rooms.

The session is listed as a "Judicial Settlement Conference" and is in chambers, meaning the media are prevented from reporting the discussions inside.

"Whatever is done in here stays in chambers," Mr Busch said. He declined to comment further.


As his mother made her way into court, she told APNZ that today's proceeding would look at a number of issues to do with the park, including the future of the animals.

"It is more like a discussion," she said but would not comment further.

The troubled Whangarei wildlife park reopened three months ago after a bitter ownership dispute, numerous court battles and the death of one of the park's animal handlers who was mauled to death by a tiger in May 2009, in front of horrified visitors.

Mr Busch is back running the park, now known as Zion Wildlife Kingdom and under new ownership.

The Northern Advocate reported in April that Mrs Busch had filed a statement of claim in the High Court, alleging the park's receivers PriceWaterhouseCoopers had failed to publicly advertise the sale of the park through an open tender.

Mrs Busch, her daughter Megan, Country Developments and Wildlife Pictures have sought damages and costs against Mr Busch, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Kingdom of Zion and its new owners.

Receiver Colin McCloy said at the time that the claim was without foundation.