Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include a bystander rightly described by firefighters as an "idiot", a real hero has emerged in Hawke's Bay and Rosanna Arkle has big plans following her bikini boxing bout with Jaime Ridge.

Volunteer firefighters who were risking their lives to fight a housefire in Kaikohe didn't realise an ''idiot bystander" was lurking nearby.

Meanwhile asked to comment on her upcoming bikini fight with Jaime Ridge, GC reality TV star Rosanna Arkle said: "I think I'll knock her out and then get some KFC."

Over in Hawke's Bay, a hero has emerged after an 8-year old Korean tourist was wading around to his ankles at a Napier beach when suddenly a freak wave grabbed him and sucked him out into the freezing ocean.


Knowing he was probably facing time behind bars on an arrest warrant, a Whangarei man asked police if they could look after his cannabis seedlings.

Wild weather is due in Otago, Wairarapa, Hawke's Bay, Bay of Plenty, among other places.

Will you try the new KFC Pie?

The credentials of an "Indigenous University" in Whakatane have come under close scrutiny, mainly because it is not a university.

Rowan Blackburn probably wishes he had taken his medication the night a police dog handler offered him a ride home after he had drunk too much.

Horses are leaving their "sizeable crap" on newly built cycle trails in Hawke's Bay leading some to question if there's a bylaw outlining who is responsible for animal poo left in public places.

An intoxicated and angry man threw a stormwater drain cover through a dairy window in an attempt to steal cigarettes.

If you still don't believe there's poverty and hardship in New Zealand then go for a visit to Western Bay.

After 22 years of service, the 65-year-old "trolley man" at Gisborne Countdown has signed off from his duties.

Meanwhile in Wanganui, a victim came around to find Reijhan Renee Green, a.k.a. "Razor", leaning over him saying something like, "are you all right, bro?" "Are we all good?" and "Don't f*** with the Mob", before leaving the house.

Masterton firefighters were involved in "quite an interesting exercise" involving a fat cat at the weekend. And Roslynn Young ended up with a $1700 bill after someone deliberately shot her cat.

To top it all off, this guy turned his dead cat into a helicopter.

Stonehenge Aotearoa will be beaming images of the once-in-a-lifetime transit of Venus to the world tomorrow.

Ashburton's increasing population has resulted in a new dentist. Meanwhile there's been a mystery mishap on the Methven Highway.
Who has 22 million followers on Twitter and announced "oh yeah I'm going to New Zealand on July 19th!! #BUNGEE"

When is Miss New Zealand not really Miss New Zealand? Will Monique Cooley's position as third runner-up change?

Librarians from around the South Island had a chance to commune with one of their idols last week.

Over on the West Coast, Police have seized 40kg of pounamu in a raid.

Top trending topics on Twitter in NZ at noon include: #ZaynDoATwitcam, #LiamHelpZayn, Please Zayn, Prince Philip, Danielle, Johnny Depp, New Zealand, Venus, Prometheus and Harry Potter