The family of a teenager shoulder-charged off his skateboard by a man twice his size is understood to have made a complaint to police.

Officers are investigating after a video of the incident was posted on the internet and went viral.

The footage was shot at a skateboarding competition for children as young as 6 at the Victoria Park Skate Park, on Sunday.

A man - yesterday identified as Craig Platt - is seen shoulder-charging a boy in a green T-shirt. The teen falls to the ground and looks surprised.


Yesterday police said they were looking into the incident.

Inspector Andrew Coster, of the Auckland city police, said: "We have had contact with [Mr Platt]. I can't disclose a lot of detail about where we're at ... but we have had contact with him.

"Our inquiries - in terms of that aspect of it, being the assault - are continuing."

Asked if police had spoken to the parents of the boy who was pushed, Mr Coster said he could not discuss what was happening with "the complainant".

Mr Coster said the damage - graffiti - caused by children apparently given spray paints by the competition organisers was not being handled by police.

"The council are pursuing that with the event organisers ... ."

A second person seen in a dispute with Mr Platt in the video, ad man Leighton Dyer, yesterday said that he knew the boy, who was 13.

Mr Dyer did not want to reveal the boy's name, but said he had been in touch with him and he was probably back to normal and at school.

A friend of the teenager said the boy did not want to speak to media and was trying to keep a low profile.

The competition organiser, drug rehab clinic Serenity, has been criticised since Sunday's contest, particularly after the video was posted online.

Yesterday programme director William Murdoch posted a 2 page statement on the website. He explains that he wanted to set up a competition that catered to younger children who loved to skate.

He defends Mr Platt, who he called "a really nice dad", acknowledging that his actions were a mistake.

Mr Platt, who had been helping judge the competition, said this week that he had been trying to stop the teen as he was cutting off youngsters taking part in the competition.