Her grin said it all - this was a day Tamilla Khan would remember.

The 13-year-old leukaemia survivor was yesterday treated to a private training session with one of her idols, Silver Fern Maria Tutaia.

When Tamilla was 3, bruises started showing on her legs and she was diagnosed with the cancer.

She had chemotherapy which caused her to lose her hair, blood clots in her mouth and general sickness.


By her 4th birthday her leukaemia had gone into remission, but the treatment had stunted her growth so much that in her last year of primary school she was told she couldn't play netball because she was too short.

Since she overcame the cancer, Tamilla has become a Cure Kids ambassador to help other sufferers keep hope throughout their treatment.

Tutaia said she enjoyed playing netball with Tamilla yesterday. Tamilla was also thrilled. "It was awesome, [Maria] was really nice," she said.

Her smile never faded as she practised shooting, sprinting and passing with her friends and Tutaia.