In a new television interview, David Bain has thanked his parents for an upbringing that allowed him to cope with the loss of his family, two murder trials and jail time.

TV3's 60 Minutes programme claims to have the first in-depth interview with the Dunedin man who was accused of killing his whole family in 1994.

Convicted of murdering his parents, two sisters and brother in 1995, David Bain served a 13-year-jail sentence before he was found not guilty in a second trial held in 2009.

He tells Melanie Reid it's been a struggle to lead a normal life.


"I struggle with it on a daily basis from the moment I wake up, because I find that I am reminded on a daily basis of the loss that has happened and what I don't have in my life," he says.

In the 60 Minutes interview, Bain reiterates his innocence, saying:

"The only thing I can say to everybody out there, and to all my friends, and the thing that I've constantly said is I wasn't there...I am innocent. I did not kill my family."

Asked how he coped with losing his family, Bain says:

'I mean, thinking back over a lot of the circumstances that I found myself in I don't know how I got through them.

"I can only thank my upbringing, my family, my Mum and Dad [who] helped us with our education, with our upbringing again, with university studies, and helped us become the people we are.

*The interview will be broadcast this Sunday (March 4) on 60 Minutes, 7.30pm on TV3.

- Herald Online staff