A Norwegian adventurer who defied New Zealand authorities and headed to Antarctica is confident his yacht will return safely.

Jarle Andhoy and the crew of the Nilaya set sail from New Zealand to the Ross Sea last month, in search of the Berserk which sank in McMurdo Sound last year during Mr Andhoy's previous expedition.

Three support crew members died.

Mr Andhoy and his crew face a possible $100,000 fine for sailing to New Zealand's Ross Dependency without a passport or official clearance.


Mr Andhoy told Morning Report today the Nilaya is yet to find any sign of the Berserk or its three missing crew, and will search another two locations before leaving.

He said the Nilaya crew, including New Zealander Busby Noble, is to lay flowers on the ice in respect of the missing seamen.

"Busby Noble is a good friend of the missing seamen and has put his heart and soul into this," Mr Andhoy said. "He will be leading the ceremony today in Maori tradition. He will put down the flowers that he has been given in New Zealand and some words from friends and relatives back home."

Mr Andhoy was aware the crew must leave the Ross Sea before it is too late in the season and sea ice becomes a serious issue but was confident the crew would make it out safely.
He accused New Zealand authorities of removing equipment, fuel, food and survival gear left last year, but said they still had provisions to make it out.

"At this point it is still very good ice conditions, good state of sea ice. The most important thing for any expedition is to come home to mum. And so it is for us and it is for Berserk and its missing crew members."