Wonder whether these boys turned up for school that day after seeing the morning paper ... (Source: Via Criggo)

Mt Eden neighbourhood watch goes septic

"The crimefighters of Mt Eden are on the job," writes Sharon. "A friend was walking her dog and dropped her poo bag in a wheelie bin by a fence. All hell breaks loose. Bin owner objects, bin owner's neighbour rushes out, leaps in his car, pursues her down the street to take her picture, then emails pictures around the neighbourhood to warn of impending danger from dastardly dog owner. The rubbish bins of Mt Eden are now safe from defilement. Safe from, well ... rubbish. Even though the evil poo picker-upper is still roaming the streets ... being a responsible dog owner and picking up poo. Can we all sleep safely now?"

Wait till you see what she does with the lamingtons


A customer complaint in a bakery somewhere in Australia ...

Manager [laughing]: "You're gonna love this. There was a complaint against you."
Assistant: "Oh, okay?"
Manager: "Apparently you ... um, package breadsticks suggestively."
Assistant: "Pardon?"
Manager: "Yeah. This is what the actual complaint says: 'She slid the breadstick into the paper bag while looking at my husband and smiling. I just know she was trying to flirt with him! We couldn't even eat it, thanks to that hussy!"'

(Source: http://notalwaysright.com/)

Helpful attitude keeps the wheels turning

Tony from Christchurch writes: "With respect to Diana who wrote, 'At what point in life has it become a stranger's duty to change your tyre? This man had every right to talk on his phone in a public place. Your label for him of "ignorant" together with your misplaced sense of entitlement amuses and infuriates in equal measures.'

"Christchurch would not be as together as it is with that attitude. Here, if someone needs help, of any kind, at any time, you just give it. We are all entitled to give and receive in this way. And this attitude has generally prevailed in the South Island since long before the earthquake ..."

Change a tyre - make her day and yours...

A reader writes: "Two weekends ago, I came across a lady in a parking lot who was setting up to change her very flat tyre. I consider it a privilege to have done it for her and I know she was pleased to have someone's help. I hope if it were my wife or daughter, some gentleman would step up to help them. Later, we met in the shop and she offered to pay for my shopping as a way of thanks but I refused as that would have negated my doing it as a blessing to her. Come on, men, be real men and help a lady who needs it. The world will become a better place."

I'll ask for assistance when I need it, thanks boys

Glenis writes: "I am a female and I do my own work and tyre changes on my car. The only thing I have trouble with is when I have a puncture and some ignorant man has done up the nuts too tight ... We females are all not built like musclebound apes but we are not afraid to ask for help when we need it."