New Zealanders are being challenged to go for the month of February without touching a drop of alcohol.

The FebFast 2012 challenge asks New Zealanders to go next month without alcohol, being sponsored by friends and family along the way. The money raised would be given to four charities from the four main centres around the country.

The four charities are Evolve - a free Wellington service for people aged 10 to 25, the ADHD Association - which educates, supports and advocates for people with ADHD, Rainbow Youth Auckland - A queer and transgender support organisation, and CareNZ Waikato - an addiction treatment and recovery organisation.

FebFast co-ordinator Catherine Milburn said the campaign was not saying drinking alcohol was bad.


"During the summer months, and once the turkey and chocolates are gone, Kiwis set themselves all sorts of goals like getting in better shape, saving money and being more productive. Going without alcohol for 29 days is a great way to kick start each of these and it may be something many of us haven't really thought about before."

Chiefs rugby player Scott Waldrom will be an ambassador for this year's FebFast.

"It's an opportunity to help people who are worse off than myself," he said.

He said he'd had experiences of excessive drinking in the past and had ended up doing things he was not proud of.

"If I can help others avoid embarrassment and awkwardness caused by excessive drinking, that would be great."

Last year nearly 1000 people took part in FebFast, raising more than $100,000.