A strip club is keeping mum on what tattoo it will choose to be engraved on a Lower Hutt woman's bottom after paying $12,450 for the privilege.

Tina Beznec, 23, sold the right to have a design of the winning bidder's choice tattooed on her posterior for posterity in a Trade Me auction titled "YOUR tattoo on my Bum!!".

Strip club Calendar Girls won the auction, which closed at 5pm today, but said it would not disclose its plans until Monday.

The company has clubs in Auckland and Christchurch, with a club on Wellington's Dixon St currently under construction.


Twenty per cent of the winning bid, or $2490, will go to a charity of Calendar Girls' choice and Tina will keep the remaining $9960.

"I deserve it, I have been made redundant twice over the past year," Tina said in the auction listing.

The listing said: "You might think I am crazy for doing this! But yes, the winner of the auction gets ANYTHING they like tattooed on my bum!"

Just minutes after the auction closed, an excited Tina told APNZ she was having a glass of bubbly to celebrate.

"Can you blame me? I'm very, very stoked. My reserve was $10,000 so it's gone well over that."

She said she was "not at all" concerned with what Calendar Girls might want to tattoo on her rear.

"They're not going to put anything rude on there. If anything, they are a classy gentlemens' club so it's going to be good - it's going to be something cool."

The club had not yet told her what the 9cm by 9cm tattoo would be, nor discussed when it would be done.


Tina said the attention the auction had attracted had been "awesome".

"I've had obviously good feedback, everything is just all quite overwhelming, to be honest. I don't know what to do now."

Tina said she decided on the stunt because she was in debt, planning on travelling to Australia and it was for a good cause.

"I've got a bit extra to pay off my debt and I've got some left over to go travelling in March."

Calendar Girls director Jacqui Le Proux said she decided to bid on the auction because some of the proceeds were going to charity - but it was also a chance for some publicity for its new Wellington club.

She would not disclose what design Calendar Girls would choose, or which charity the proceeds would go to, until Monday.

"It's going to be good though, and like she said we're a classy establishment, so it's not like we're going to put something tacky on there."

Ms Le Proux said she was "definitely" going to watch the tattoo being done.

She did not shirk at the cost, saying it was a worthwhile investment.

"Our marketing budget is huge and the more you put out, the more you put back in.

"But it's not just for marketing, it's for charity - it's for a really good cause, so why not."

The auction attracted scores of comments, both derisive and witty, and over 355,000 views.