A man who got drunk after breaking up with his partner in Rotorua rode off on a child's scooter and robbed a man of a cellphone and money.

Raynor Wiremu Hokai, 19, was jailed for eight months when he appeared in the Rotorua District Court for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to a charge of robbery.

Judge Jocelyn Munro said on August 31 last year Hokai got drunk after breaking up with his partner.

He took a ride on a child's scooter and approached two men he didn't know, asking one if he had any money.


When the man said he didn't, Hokai threatened to pull a knife and the victim handed over some coins.

Hokai again asked for money and when the victim said he didn't have any Hokai took a handle off the scooter and lunged at the man with it.

The victim had to fend off Hokai who then asked for a cellphone which the man gave him.

A car pulled up and the driver took the victim to the police station.

Hokai's lawyer, Max Simpkins, said his client got drunk and could not remember what he did. However, Hokai accepted the victim's evidence about what happened.

"[Hokai] accepted that what he did was outrageous."

Mr Simpkins said Hokai had been attending counselling after previously being convicted of an incident involving domestic violence and had been making positive progress.

Judge Munro said there was no physical harm done to the victim and the robbery was not premeditated but a weapon "of sorts" was used, there were threats of violence and there was a risk to the general public because the incident occurred on the street.


Given Hokai's previous convictions for violence and that the latest offending occurred while he was the subject of a supervision order, the judge said she was not prepared to look beyond imprisonment.