A teenager who tried to streak at a Rugby World Cup game between Russia and Ireland in Rotorua told police it was something he had always wanted to do.

Maurice Bryant, 18, was sentenced in Rotorua District Court yesterday after earlier pleading guilty of going on to a playing surface at a major sporting event without authority. The charge was laid under the Major Events Management Act 2007.

Bryant, with about 25,000 other people, was at Rotorua International Stadium for the game on September 25.

Judge Lindsay Moore said Bryant was drunk when he took his clothes off and draped an Irish flag over his shoulders. He then climbed over a fence and ran on to the field directly behind the southern goalpost before being stopped by security staff and arrested.


Judge Moore said Bryant told police that he did it because it was something that he had always wanted to do.

Bryant's lawyer Aroha Cooper said Bryant had to stay in the police van wrapped only in the Irish flag for the rest of the game.

Ms Cooper asked that Bryant be discharged without conviction and asked for final name suppression.

Bryant was discharged without conviction but Judge Moore refused name suppression, saying: "It's hard to imagine anything more public than what you did."