A 26-year-old man has been charged with arson after a Hamilton flat was set alight in a domestic dispute.

Police discovered the fire after they were called to the dispute at a block of flats in Frankton about 1am.

Officers talking to the female victim outside her flat noticed a strange glow in the window, and found a couch set alight and the lounge well ablaze.

Residents of the other flats were evacuated.


Police said the flat in which the fire was lit was badly damaged, while another flat suffered serious water damage in efforts to save the building.

The victim's 26-year-old partner was arrested at the scene for breaching a police safety order, which had been issued after police were called about 9am the previous day.

The man was interviewed this morning and charged with arson and breaching the safety order.

Detective Sergeant Carl Moon said the man was also facing charges relating to multiple domestic violence offences.

"The victim in this incident is still being interviewed in relation to what happened while the offender will appear in the Hamilton District Court later today,'' he said.

Mr Moon said police treated safety order breaches very seriously because the orders were a crucial tool in efforts to curb the negative impact of domestic violence.

"What we ask is that people who are in fear of violent or abusive domestic situations seek help either from police, family or a multitude of organisations dedicated to helping people in need of assistance.''