Missed something from the campaign trail? nzherald.co.nz has the latest election updates as we count down to November 26.

It's 4pm and that is the end of our live election coverage for now. For today, the top stories are:

- Justice Winkelmann has refused to rule of the legality of the teapot tapes, saying there is not enough adequate evidence to rule it either public or private.
- A Christchurch electorate meeting turned ugly when it was stormed by a millitant group wearing balaclavas and camoflage gear.
- Phil Goff seeks a promise from John key that National will not sell off kiwibank if they get into parliament again.

Have a good night! We will be back tomorrow morning with more updates.
3:55pm: Newstalk ZB's Felix Marwick tweets:
"Goff says not for him to comment on merits of HC decision on #teapottapes Says the whole saga is a waste of police time and taxpayer $"

3:53pm: Close up has posted on its Facebook page:


"The National and Labour party leaders will face off in their last TV debate tonight and both the infamous tea tape saga and National's asset sales are likely to be hot topics. John Key and Phil Goff will answer questions from a political panel as well as questions sent in by viewers. Coverage of the final leaders' debate begins on TV ONE at 7pm. Do you know who you're voting for?"

3:52pm: The video of Hone Harawira's "State of the Nation" address is now available on our website here.
3:48pm: Who will Labour and National work with? NZ Herald online has a graphic that may help keep you informed.

3:41pm: Listener live blogger Toby Manhire reports on the "media muddle" that followed the announcement regarding the tea tapes today.

3:38pm: 3News.co.nz reports:
John Key's office, official statement: "The Prime Minister notes the court's ruling and remains focused on the issues that are important to New Zealanders as they go to the polls on Saturday." - interest.co.nz
3:31pm: Metiria Turei tweets
Totally RT @simonjtapp Sue Twinings & Dilmah If it wasn't for them none of this would've happened! @NZNational @patrickgowernz @russelnorman

3:22pm: Peter Dunne has accused Act of flip-flopping on Transmission Gully with its Wellington Central candidate now saying the party is opposed to it.

According to the press release from United Future "Act candidate Stephen Whittington today described Transmission Gully as a waste of money. As recently as September Act was in full support of the alternative access route in and out of Wellington.

"UnitedFuture says Transmission Gully is absolutely vital to Wellington, and through pushing it, and having made it a confidence and supply agreement issue with the last two governments, we now have it on the point of being delivered."

3:13pm: Campaign to Keep MMP released a statement "The voting systems referendum is now a two horse race between MMP and First Past the Post, a new analysis of opinion surveys show."

3:11pm: Public Address contributer David Slack tweets
"Bear in mind: even if judge had made publication possible, approx 51% of voters would have greeted it with "lalalala I'm not listening."

It's 3pm and the top stories so far are:

- Justice Winkelmann has refused to rule of the legality of the teapot tapes, saying there is not enough adequate evidence to rule it either public or private.
- A Christchurch electorate meeting turned ugly when it was stormed by a millitant group wearing balaclavas and camoflage gear.
- Phil Goff seeks a promise from John key that National will not sell off kiwibank if they get into parliament again.

2:53pm: Winston Peters writes in a statement why he believes the other parties don't want NZ First in the opposition.

"For the past three years there has been no effective opposition in parliament. Nobody has been acting like a real watchdog for the people.

The parties that have been in parliament over the last term want that same, safe situation to continue so they can get on with their cosy arrangements and agendas

"New Zealand First is going to shine some sunlight on these."

2:44pm: United Future leader Peter Dunne has said Dr Don Brash, leader of the Act party, has made an "error" with his statement regarding using a referendum to establish whether raising the age of retirement to 67 would work. Dunne writes that his party offers choice in a way that no other party does in terms of policy.

"The beauty of our policy is that people can choose their time of retirement - not have the state tell them when to retire."

2:37pm: Radio NZ reports Justice Winkelmann has declined to make a ruling in regards to the legality of the teapot tapes. She says it was "the inadequacy of the evidentiary material" before her that made her unable to make a ruling.

NZ Herald political reporter Derek Cheng writes "The decision means legal doubt remains over whether the conversation between Prime Minister John Key and Act's John Banks was private, and it may be illegal to publish the tape. "

2:28pm: United Future leader Peter Dunne tweets
"Dr Brash - no such thing as 'retirement age'. Semantic error, but regardless, 65 vs. 67 isn't the right question."

2:24pm: The Right Wing Resistance have pledged their support for NZ First and Winston Peters on their website. That is not at all worrying...

2:21pm: Alexia Russell of Newstalk ZB reports Winston Peters has accused rival parties of spending up large just to keep him out of parliament.

"He says they've all turned their guns and dirty tricks on New Zealand First in the last few days, because his party knows what they're up to."

2:18pm: Radio NZ reports "The first law changes if National was elected for a second term would be to introduce a lower wage for some young workers and privatise the ACC's work account."

2:14pm: NZ Herald's Adam Bennett writes "The Green party would make retaining state-owned energy companies "a top priority'' in any post election negotiations and hopes public opinion will see National will back down, as it did on plans for mining in conservation areas."

2:07pm: Hone Harawira has performed a "State of the Nation" address in Mangere today. In his speech he said ever since the "Rogernomics" of the 1980s, Maori have struggled.

He also said "National's philosophy of helping the rich get richer at the expense of the poor, and of using blatant racism to promote its legislative agenda, has had an even greater impact on our society."

The goal of the party? "Mana has no other agenda except the restoration of Maori rights, Pacifica rights, human dignity and reaffirmation of the rights of the workers and the poor."

2:03pm: Labour candidate David Shearer tweets
"Hosting final set of street corner meetings in Waterview today. Pop by for a chat if you're in the area." #votenz

1:51pm: ACT Leader Don Brash has called for a referendum on the age of eligibility for New Zealand Superannuation stating ACT's belief that a decision on the pension age should not be left to politicians alone.

1:49pm: Green co-leader Metiria Turei tweets
"Spot the secret recording device! @RusselNorman @patrickgowernz" #votenz. With pic.
1:28pm: The Green Party believes National will just repeat past mistakes made with the privatisation of Telecom if they sell off state assets now.

"Dr Norman said John Key's plans to sell SOEs at the time when dividend payments are expected to rise was a case of repeating all the worst mistakes surrounding the sale of Telecom in 1990."

1:21pm: David Farrar is promoting a caption contest on Kiwblog for the latest funny photo of Dr Russel Norman, provided by Heather du Plessis Allan on Twitter.

1:14pm: TVNZ reporter Matty McLean tweets a funny pic.
"funniest thing i've seen in a long time RT @hdpaONENEWS MP steering a boat. That's about the only caption I can write."

1:11pm: Fairfax reporter Andrea Vance tweets
"Don Brash says retirement age should go to the public vote." #votenz

1:06pm: NZ Herald's Derek Cheng tweets from the National campaign trail
"J Key goes out in friendly territory: Mission Bay. Plenty of gushing and high fives." #votenz. With pic.
1:00pm: NZ Herald reporter Elizabeth Binning writes "Labour leader Phil Goff has pledged never to sell Kiwibank and wants the Prime Minister and leaders of other political parties to do the same."

It's 12:15pm and the top stories of the day so far are:

- Phil Goff seeks a promise from John Key that National will not sell Kiwibank.
- A Christchurch election meeting turned ugly when a masked, camoflaged millitant group led by Kyle Chapman stormed in and heckled the candidates.
- A new poll released today suggests National may govern alone.

12:30pm: Two days ago Listener live blogger Toby Manhire brought us Listener Live Debate Bingo - a fun way to watch the debate.

Today blogging site The Standard has brought us "John Key's Debate Bingo" which includes Key-isms like "Dynamic environment", "Make no mistake" and "That's a matter for the police".

12:27pm: NZ Herald's "Left leaning political commentator" John Pagani writes "If selling assets worked, we would be rich by now. We've sold enough already."

12:25pm: Phil Goff tweets
"Don't let National sell our state assets - KiwiBank could be next! Only a Labour government can stop this happening." With pic.
12:23pm: Annette King tweets
"Meet the Rongotai Candidates, tonight, 7.30pm, Baptist Church, 284 The Parade, Island." Bay. #Rongotai

12:21pm: @3NewsEditor James Murray tweets:
"RT @RaybonKan I have a question about asset sales: are they $1 Reserve, or Buy Now?" #votenz

12:19pm: Dr Russel Norman has released his speech demanding the country "keeps it kiwi".

"Today I have renewed the Green Party call for the Treasury to release documents relating to the sale of state-owned assets prior to the election. The public need to know what information the Government has on this issue.

"We think this information will reveal the weakness of the Government's asset sale proposals. Why else would they want to keep it secret?"

12:18pm: Maori Television will provide full Election Day coverage in a five-hour special of its award-winning current affairs series, NATIVE AFFAIRS, from 7.00pm on 26 November.

12:17pm: Blogger Martyn Bradbury tweets
"How come Urewera activists get terrorist charges but cops don't blink when far right skinheads in balaclavas crash an election meeting?"

12:15pm: How well do you know party policies? Click here to see how they stack up.

12:12pm: Listener live blogger Toby Manhire has posted a summary on what the bloggers are saying today on his blog.

12:10pm: Voters are rejecting a return to old-fashioned single-party government and say they prefer coalition rule, writes Dominion Post reporter Tracy Watkins.

"The finding in the latest Fairfax Media-Research International poll comes as Prime Minister John Key plays one of his biggest cards in the final week of the campaign by appealing to voters to back National rather than let the incoming government be held hostage to New Zealand First."

12:07pm: Labour MP David Shearer tweets
"Another successful street corner meeting, #votenz #mtalbert. With pic.
12:00pm: Party leaders have revealed their cultural favourites to the Dominion Post today. Questions asked include favourite film (John Key's is Johnny English and Phil Goff's The Kings Speech), Favourite tv show (Hone Harawira likes the Crowd Goes Wild) and favourite music.

In regards to their favourite fiction book, Phil Goff said he liked the National Party's Manifesto.

11:58am: John Key has accused Labour of trying to invoke fear and misinformation regarding asset sales, according to Radio NZ.
11:55am: Green candidate Gareth Hughes wants to know if you'll vote for him.
"Will you be party voting Green this Saturday? Tell me why?" #nzvotes

11:53am: The New Zealand Government has released a statement that says "An extra 140 undergraduate students will be funded to do research and development projects for New Zealand businesses this summer, Science and Innovation Minister Wayne Mapp announced today."

11:50am: The Labour Party has slammed John Key for being "dishonest" about asset sales.

"He has deceived Kiwis by claiming he had information from Treasury that would ensure a 10 per cent cap on foreign ownership of our assets. It now appears there was no such advice.

"Rather it seems John Key was relying on advice from his spin doctors and so-called market contacts, who are likely to be the corporates wanting to gobble up the shares."

11:45am: NZ Herald political reporter Derek Cheng writes "Prime Minister John Key says the Government could pass a law to place a 10 per cent limit as the maximum a single private shareholder could hold in the assets he plans to partially sell."

11:39am: Public Address contributer David Slack tweets:
"National's advice-free asset sales policy starting to look a lot like National Standards and Boot Camp. 'Reckon it'll work. Give it a go.'"

11:34am: National has released their post-election action plan. In a speech, John Key has said "We will get straight back to work on making our economy stronger, by balancing the books, repaying debt, and creating more jobs."

The full and final new policy is available here.
11:32am: @3NewsEditor James Murray tweets
"RT @lyndonhood On historical averages, disasters seem to be good for the Key government. Anyone know where Joyce was?" #votenz #choppercrash

11:30am: Green Party NZ tweets
"Aucklanders: a free lunchtime concert on Thursday," #auckland. With link to event.
11:27am: 3News.co.nz reports:
"One complaint to the Electoral Commission has been laid over last night's child poverty doco. It's not apparent at this stage whether it was laid by an individual or a party, but an investigation will be launched".

11:23am: 3News reporter Kim Choe writes "One of Labour's most significant policy announcements this election campaign has been its pledge to raise the age of eligibility for superannuation from 65 to 67."

11:19am: The Manufacturers and Exporters Association has demanded economic reform from the government after learning of mass migrations offshore.

"It is worth noting that people are not moving to Wellington or Auckland, but moving offshore; that fact suggests there are worse things than earthquakes - possibly low expectations. We are simply not creating enough opportunities in New Zealand."

11:12am: Radio NZ reports "An election candidates' meeting in Christchurch was disrupted by a dozen masked protesters on Tuesday night.

"The group, wearing camouflage gear, scarves and balaclavas, was led by former National Front director Kyle Chapman."

11:07am: Matthew Haggert of the Otago Daily Times reports John Key, in his visit to Green Island in Dunedin yesterday, challenged Dunedin's manufacturing and engineering industries to change.

Dunedin is an area dominantly held by Labour and Mr Key admitted it would be tough for National to prise an electorate win from its traditional Labour strongholds.

11:04am: Newstalk ZB reports "This election is turning traditional polling trends on its head. In previous years any party that started a campaign in a strong position tended to trail off as voting day gets closer.

"But two polls just out show National continuing to look very comfortable."

10:56am: Radio NZ reports "The National Party is being called on to state its position on the labelling of genetically modified food in trade talks if it is re-elected."

10:51am: National have responded to comments regarding the increase in migration to Australia.

Radio NZ reports "National Party's finance spokesperson Bill English says it will take time to stem the flow of New Zealanders to Australia."

"He says National is putting policies in place that will support businesses that want to employ people and create opportunities, and he believes considerable progress will be made over the next four or five years."

10:47am: "John Key" tweets (not even sure he does his own)
"National will deliver a strong, stable government - and build a stronger economy with less debt and more jobs." #VoteNZ

Although Labour Dunedin South candidate Clare Curran disagrees
"@johnkeypm No you won't."

10:38am: United Future leader Peter Dunne tweets
"Beaches for All" are promoting NZ First by way of racism and lies - should be ashamed. @NewstalkZB is on to them.

Newstalk ZB reports "Beaches For All is angry at having the beaches, coast and seabed taken out of public ownership by the Act.

"The group wants to unseat five of the MPs who voted for it - Chris Finlayson, Peter Dunne, Paula Bennett, Simon Bridges and Jonathan Young."

10:31am: NZ Herald columnist Brian Fallow writes that both National and Labour are exaggerating the "fiscal benefits of their respective policies".

10:24am: Labour has accused National of "concealing its intention to sell off farm land to foreign buyers".

"The only conclusion I can come to is that National doesn't want a decision to be made until after the election, because the Government is already copping so much flak for its intention to sell our power companies," Labour spokesperson David Parker said.

10:21am: Mana leader Hone Harawira writes every New Zealander should be "horrified and embarrassed" at the story told on the Inside Child Poverty documentary.

"Hungry kids, mouldy, damp rooms in cold houses. Overcrowding, third world diseases, kids scarred for life by preventable illnesses. Impossible electricity costs, unaffordable medical bills etc etc - how did it come to this?"

10:20am: Phil Goff tweets from the campaign trail
Discussing Labour's ECE policy at Fetu Taiala Aoga ECE Centre in Mangere." With pic.
10:18am: NZ Herald columnist Brian Rudman writes that a win on Saturday will not give National the right to selll off assets.

10:12am: Mana has released its education policy today.

Policies include:
1. Put the free into free education at all levels
2. Maori language compulsory to Level 1 NCEA
3. Feed the kids
4. Abolish national standards

10:10am: And again Peter Dunne tweets
"Good to hear that the UnitedFuture website is getting a lot of traffic. Policy sections most popular; education, tax, asset sales, children."

10:05am: Peter Dunne tweets
"Surprised by how many people have voted early. Handing out leaflets, I hear a lot of 'Don't need one, thanks. I have already voted for you.'"

10:00am: There is a renewed focus on poverty in the campaign, reports Radio NZ, with different parties having different ideas on how to manage it. National wants to support business so they can employ more people while parties like Labour and the Greens support raising minimum wage.

9:55am: The Green Party has also called on National to release all documentation concerning the sale of state owned assets.

"The sale of state owned assets is a key part of National's policy going into the 2011 election and the New Zealand public has a right to official information on this policy," said Green co-leader Dr Russel Norman.

9:48am: Labour candidate Annette King tweets
"I'm looking forward to debating the issues on ZB this morning." #Rongotai

9:45am: NZ Herald's Bernard Orsman reports the Conservative Party leader Colin Craig "gatecrashed" an Epsom candidates' meeting last night to tell voters his was the only centre-right party that would not sell state assets.

9:44am: Labour has called on John Key to immediately release all information the Government has received supporting his claims that majority ownership of public assets will remain in New Zealand hands after National has sold them.

9:40am: The Green Party has released a statement about a plan to address the child poverty problems highlighted in the TV3 documentary Inside Child Poverty, Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said.

The Green Party will create minimum performance standards for rental properties and continue with the home insulation scheme.

9:38am: United Future leader Peter Dunne tweets
"Simla Crescent station this morning - warm reaction overcomes cold, bleak day."

9:20am: Maori Party leader Tariana Turia has hit back at "scaremongering" tactics and misinformation about Whanau Ora.

"The allegation that public service Maori jobs will be cut to fund Whanau Ora simply doesn't stack up" said Mrs Turia.

"As far as I am aware, no final decisions have been made around the transfer of the Atawhaingia Te Pa Harakeke framework; and I understand that discussions about the future arrangements for the programme are still proceeding".

9:04am: The idea that only Maori can vote for the Maori Party is a "misconception", says Maori Party leader Tariana Turia.

"Whether you're on the Maori roll or the General roll, the great thing is anyone can give their Party vote to the Maori Party" Tariana Turia says in response to the queries she's had on this issue."

9:02am: Mana have released their women's policy. "Mana has designed a unique programme that would see the accommodation supplement paid to sole mothers used to assist them into their own homes."

8:57am: "The Boogeyman is back with his army of undead" draws Chris Slane for Toby Manhire's Listener live blog.

8:50am: Herald Online columnist David Farrar has done an analysis of the latest Fairfax poll results on Kiwiblog.
8:47am: NZ Herald reporter Adam Bennett writes the Green Party is "outraged" the government suppressed what is considered key information regarding asset sales before voters head to the polls this weekend.

8:44am: Herald Online staff report "Another poll has National governing alone after this Saturday's General Election, although most voters would prefer to see a coalition government.

"National has 54 per cent in the latest Fairfax Media-Research International poll, up 1.5 per cent, and easily enough to govern without the support of smaller parties."

8:42am: Auckland Action Against Poverty plan to picket the final leaders' debate at TVNZ where John Key will debate Phil Goff tonight. This action is a result from what the organisation has called John Key's "beneficiary-bashing".

The picket will take place 6.30pm Wednesday 23 November outside TVNZ, 100 Victoria Street West, Auckland.

8:38am: NZ Herald deputy political editor Claire Trevett writes "Both John Key and Phil Goff will wind up their campaigns by catching a bus. Both intend to make whistle-stop tours of the North Island for the last sprint to the election line."

8:33am: NZ Herald reporter Adam Bennett writes "Government claims that shares in state-owned power companies will remain in New Zealand hands after its asset sales programme were made without official advice, it emerged yesterday."

8:30am: NZ Herald chief political editor Audrey Young writes "The Maori Party leadership will meet in Wellington today to discuss post-election positions after Saturday's poll, which could deliver the party the balance of power."

8:27am: Newstalk ZB reports the Council of Trade Unions has said the government needs to address the growing migration to Australia.

"Statistics New Zealand figures show a net loss of 35,000 migrants to Australia for the year to October."

8:22am: John Key has appeared on TVNZ's Breakfast in an interview with Corin Dann.

Dann has asked him about both the education policy and the document received by TVNZ that reveals Treasury has not given the government any advice on whether they can achieve their target of keeping 85%-90% in New Zealand hands.

Dann also asked about the teapot tapes and got the same standard issue response from Mr Key. "I'm interested in the issues that matter..."

8:18am: NZ Herald's Isaac Davison reports the Mana Party is being seen as the only "sincere representative of social justice and grassroots activism in this election" according to the latest polls.

8:17am: National is still "looking comfortable" in the polls writes Jenny Woods of Newstalk ZB. Both the Roy Morgan poll and the latest Fairfax Media Research Survey poll are showing National with over 50% support.

8:14am: A High Court judge is set to rule today on whether the taped conversation between John Banks and John Key was legal or not. NZ Herald political reporter Derek Cheng writes:

"If the court declares that the conversation between Prime Minister John Key and Act's John Banks was not private, it would allow media to publish the recording before Saturday's election without the threat of legal action."

8:13am: Newstalk ZB's Katie Bradford-Crozier reports "What's being billed as an action plan of sorts will be the final policy release from National today.

"John Key's been releasing policy details almost every day throughout the four week campaign."

8:08am: Radio NZ news reports masked protestors led by former National Front leader Kyle Chapman stormed an election candidates meeting in Christchurch Tuesday night.

"Sitting Christchurch Central MP Brendan Burns, who was one of the candidates, says it had been a run of the mill meeting until it was abruptly invaded about half-way through.

"He says the group distributed a pamphlet about white people being suppressed."

8:05am: At 7am National Radio's Morning Report led with the Act party saying the numbers leaving for Australia are a blight on the National party.

8:03am: NZ Herald reporter Adam Bennett reports that National leader John Key's popularity has been unaffected by plans to sell assets.

"Asset sales have long been opposed by the majority of people surveyed - but the Prime Minister's personal popularity has remained at dizzy heights through the election campaign."

8:01am: Newstalk ZB reports that tonight's leaders' debate will be the "final turning point in the election campaign".

University of Otago politics lecturer Dr Bryce Edwards says John Key will come under extra heat about coalition partners, if the next poll puts National under 50 percent support.

8:00am: NZ First leader Winston Peters has appeared on Newstalk ZB with Mike Hoskings this morning to discuss what he believes to be his party's chances of getting back into Parliament this election. He told Hoskings he was "confident" his party will get the 5% needed.

It's 8am and we're back with live election coverage throughout the day.