The National Party's Rodney candidate Mark Mitchell married his sweetheart Peggy Bourne in Orewa yesterday afternoon.

It was understood the couple signed a deal with Woman's Day magazine believed to involve payment plus extras including free hair styling and make-up for Bourne.

The bride was once married to late New Zealand rally champion Possum Bourne, who died 12 days after a head-on crash in 2003. He had been hit by a driver who was on the wrong side of the road on Good Friday that year.

Mitchell, a North Shore local and former policeman, was once stabbed with a samurai sword. After retiring from the police force in 2003, he worked with a number of businesses and with the World Economic Forum.


Rodney is regarded as one of the safest National Party seats. The incumbent, Lockwood Smith, won by a 15,635 vote landslide in the last election.

The National Party's campaign manager Jo de Joux said last night that candidates' personal arrangements were their own and not the business of the National Party.