A 4.2 magnitude aftershock has struck central Canterbury this morning, GNS Science reports.

The quake hit at 9.22am, 10km northeast of Springfield at a depth of 10km.

GNS Science said the quake was felt in central Canterbury, receiving felt reports from Castle Hill Village to Sumner in Christchurch.

The jolt followed a magnitude 2.9 quake at 3.55am, 10km northeast of Christchurch at a depth of 9km.


The North Island also experienced a small jolt this morning.

A 4.5 magnitude quake struck off the East Cape at 6.14am, and was centred 30km northeast of Te Araroa, at a depth of 50km.

GNS Science said the quake would have been "possibly felt" on the Raukumara Peninsula.

There was also a 3.4 magnitude quake at 3.12am, within 5km of Eketahuna at a depth of 30km.

- Herald Online staff