The ringleader of an organised 'gang of thieves' that raided Christchurch homes and shops to make off with $180,000 was jailed today for four years.

Gang lynchpin Luke Shailer, 23, launched the city-wide crime spree that targeted high-end electronic goods.

The raiders specialised in night smash and grab hits on city hair salons, but also burgled homes during the day.

Shailer was jailed today by Judge Raoul Neave at a Christchurch District Court session at Rangiora and ordered to make $40,000 in reparation payments once released from prison.


Fellow gang member Luke Bradley, 20, was also jailed today, for two years and one month, and ordered to pay $31,974.61 in reparation, while Richard Bidois, 18, was given 10 months home detention for his role in the burglaries, and was ordered to pay reparation of $27,514.36.

James Randle, 26, was sentenced to 200 hours of community work and ordered to pay $2209.70 in reparation.

In August, Kent Seiji Natsuhara, 19, was jailed for two years after admitting 10 charges of shoplifting, theft, and receiving.

Judge Neave described the gang as "cold and calculated" and being motivated by "nothing more than greed."

He told them: "Your behaviour is consistent with parasites that suck the life out of those who earn a living."