Former Tauranga MP Bob Clarkson has rejected two approaches from leader Don Brash to stand in November's general election for the Act Party.

Mr Clarkson, who has crossed from National to Act, said he thought about standing in the Tauranga electorate but decided against it.

"Don Brash has had a couple of cracks at me, even on the weekend, but my wife would kill me if I stood," he said.

National candidate Mr Clarkson rolled New Zealand First leader Winston Peters by 730 votes to become Tauranga MP in 2005 - after Mr Peters had held the seat for 21 years.


Mr Clarkson then stood down for the 2008 election, allowing Simon Bridges to take over.

Act is unsure whether it will field a local candidate for the November 26 election. Mr Clarkson said the Tauranga committee was meeting this week to make a decision.

"If someone stands, then it will be just for the party vote. We have someone but I don't know whether it's necessary."

Mr Clarkson said Act would push for the party vote in Tauranga through advertising.

The Act signs will go up in Tauranga at the end of the Rugby World Cup during Labour Weekend.