Zion Wildlife Gardens will appear in court again tomorrow, this time in a bid to fend of action from a former employee to the sum of $20,000.

The bid to bankrupt Zion operator Patricia Busch is scheduled to be heard in the High Court at Whangarei tomorrow.

Sunday News reported the action was being brought by a former employee and involved a sum of about $20,000.

The park and its handler, Ms Busch's son Craig, became world-renowned through the Lion Man television series.


But disputes emerged between Ms Busch and her son, which resulted in Mr Busch being dismissed.

Further negative publicity came following the mauling death of big cat keeper Dalu Mncube by a white tiger in 2009.

Ms Busch had earlier pleaded guilty to failing to take steps to prevent a hazard and failing to take steps to prevent harm in relation to Mr Mncube, but has since applied to vacate her pleas.

The park has since been placed into receivership under PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which gained access to the park just over a week ago.