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Sign to dine

Washington DC has a posh new eatery called Rogue24 that requires diners to sign a two-page contract when making a reservation which includes not using a cellphone or camera in the restaurant. Once you agree to the terms you have up to 72 hours before 3pm on the day of the reservation to cancel. After that, you will be charged for half the cost of the meal. Cancel after 3pm or arrive more than 30 minutes late and you'll be charged for all
16 or 24 courses without so much as a bite. (Source:

She's just so annoyingly ... right


What winds you up about your significant other? That was the question asked of readers and one of the best replies was from this bloke, describing the conversation as he heads out the door.

"Have you got your iPod?" "Yes."
"Have you got your train ticket?" "Yes."
"Have you got the camera?" "Yes."
"Have you got your walking boots?" "Yes"
''Have you got ..."

"Look woman! I've got everything, OK? I've got my iPod, I've got my train ticket, my wallet, my boots, the camera, the lunch is in the car, the maps are in my bag, I have a book, I have the newspaper, I have bottles of water, I've even got the recycling ready to drop off on the way to the car, I'm not a child, I don't need you to list everything one by one, I can remember things on my own, OK?"

"OK, only trying to help."

An hour later: "Why do you keep pulling your trousers up? You forgot your belt didn't you?" "Yes."

Spooked by loo lady

A female voice welcoming people to a public lavatory in Church Stretton, Shropshire, has upset some male users, who say it is putting them off the job in hand. Now views are sought on whether it should be changed to a masculine voice, be silenced or left alone. Deputy Mayor Tom Beaumont said: "Some gentlemen are finding a lady's voice very disconcerting. We have even had a vicar visit the town council to say he was a bit put off
by this woman suddenly speaking to him." ' The town council has invited men to speak up on how they want to be spoken to in the loo.

Stolen terrier


Robyn writes: "My dog was stolen on Friday, August 12, from Hunters Corner, Papatoetoe. He is an Australian terrier and is brown and tan. $1000 reward - no questions asked." Contact Robyn 021 267-7454 or Greg 021 811-610.