Price rises at council-owned carparks have come a week after an international study found Auckland one of the most expensive places to park in the world.

Auckland Transport spokeswoman Sharon Hunter confirmed that the early bird rate at the Civic, Victoria St and Downtown carparks has increased by $1, bringing the all-day parking charge to $13.

In a written response to questions, Ms Hunter said the council's parking rates were competitive but did not say why the 8.33 per cent rise was necessary.

She said motorists were advised of the price rises through signs at the carparking buildings.

But one angry reader said that there had been no consultation with motorists at the Civic carpark.

Automobile Association spokesman Simon Lambourne said increasing the prices for all-day parking would encourage commuters to park in inner-city suburban streets.

"Ill-considered, ad-hoc measures can have a significant impact on the wider city and region to the detriment of Auckland. We really need to step back before these measures are done."

Brent Inwood lives in Scanlan St, Grey Lynn, and said he can't see congestion getting any worse. "It is already pretty tight."

He said other streets nearby were also congested with commuter parking.

"Between seven and eight it is normally filled up with people parking their cars and walking from there."

Heart of the City business association head Alex Swney said his group would support the increase if it meant that reductions were made to short term parking.

"Just hiking rates without the tradeoff - it sounds like gouging to me."

Mr Swney said parking was an "emotive issue" but early bird parking only encouraged further congestion.

"What it says is, 'Get in your car when it is most congested and we will reward you with cheap parking'."

But he said the increases in parking would affect only commuters - not shoppers.

Wilson carpark spokesman Steve Evans said charges at his company's carparks fluctuated depending on demand. The company operates 90 carparks in the Auckland region, including the downtown Farmers carpark.

Asked if prices had increased at the Farmers carpark, Mr Evans said t they were "stable" but he would reply to an email question about whether prices had increased in the past 12 months. He did not respond before this edition's deadline.

Last week, the Colliers International global parking rate survey found Aucklanders are charged some of the highest parking fees in the world.

motorists in Frankfurt, Los Angeles and Singapore - among many others - pay less.

Auckland rated in the top third, putting it ahead of many capital cities including Washington DC, Ottawa, Berlin and Beijing.

Meanwhile, parking prices in Wellington are also going up.

The Wellington Employers' Chamber of Commerce is opposing the proposed rise of $1 in Wellington City's annual plan. The price will mean Wellingtonians pay $5 an hour - a 25 per cent increase.

Chamber chief executive Ken Harris said the rise would damage already fragile retail and hospitality businesses in downtown Wellington.