The Employment Relations Authority is refusing to comment on why it has taken nearly two years to release its decision in a case involving Lion Man Craig Busch.

Auckland-based Steve Barter is representing Zion Wildlife Gardens, which is seeking more than $200,000 in lost income from Mr Busch through a counterclaim to the authority.

The case was heard by the authority in Whangarei in mid-2009 and its decision has been pending since.

Mr Barter said he had written to the authority twice over the delay but was told his case was not an immediate priority compared to other outstanding matters.

The Northern Advocate sought comments from ERA chief James Wilson, who said it was the authority's policy not to comment to the media on any case under consideration.

After Mr Busch was sacked from the park, he filed a claim with ERA for unfair dismissal, but later withdrew his application.

While ERA member Yvonne Oldfield heard arguments on his application, she also invited submissions on two counterclaims.

The first counterclaim by Zion was for Mr Busch to return tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment he took from the park after being sacked.

The second counterclaim related to Zion's claim that it lost more than $200,000 in income after Mr Busch failed to perform his duties as an employee, including conducting guided tours, before being sacked.

Mr Barter wrote to ERA in August 2010, asking when the second counterclaim might be ruled on, but was told it too was some way off.