Former Act leader Rodney Hide and deputy leader John Boscawen are expected to relinquish their ministerial portfolios of local government and consumer affairs today, resulting in a minor reshuffle for National.

Following last week's leadership coup by former National Party leader Don Brash, Mr Boscawen is expected to keep his deputy leadership post and be made parliamentary leader of Act at today's caucus meeting.

It is believed that former deputy leader Heather Roy would not have had the support of the Act board even if she had the numbers in caucus to become deputy.

If Act were to keep its two ministerial posts, Mr Boscawen and Mrs Roy would hold them. But in the deeply factionalised party, a decision to have no portfolios may be the course of least resentment.

Prime Minister John Key said yesterday that three members of the present Act caucus would be acceptable for Act's two positions under the confidence and supply agreement: Mr Hide, Mr Boscawen and Mrs Roy.

He has previously ruled out Sir Roger Douglas and said yesterday that Hilary Calvert, who entered Parliament last year, was too inexperienced.

Mrs Roy stepped aside as Associate Defence Minister last year when she lost her deputy's position and her relationship with Mr Hide broke down.

Mr Key will meet Dr Brash this afternoon - the first time since the coup.

Dr Brash will put his own signature to Act's confidence and supply agreement with National and they will discuss the ministerial portfolios.

It is understood that Mr Key's preference would be for Mr Hide to continue as Local Government Minister, given that the Auckland Super City is in its embryonic phase and Mr Hide is leading the Government's response to the council's spatial plan.

But Mr Key said he would have no problem if Act relinquished its ministerial positions.

He may also discuss the Epsom electorate with Dr Brash, who is promoting former Auckland City mayor and National Cabinet minister John Banks as a possible candidate.