Bailey Junior Kurariki has been sentenced to 14 months in prison after being convicted of a domestic violence incident and a separate assault.

Kurariki, 21, repeatedly interrupted Judge Margaret Rogers during the sentencing at the Manukau District Court today where he faced charges of male assaults female, two assault charges, disorderly behaviour and
resisting arrest.

At one point Kurariki told her: "I can spend 10 years in jail."

He said he had been in in "the system" since he was 12 years-old and threatened to sue "in any courtroom in New Zealand".

"I am happy to plead guilty to sort it out," he told the court.

Judge Rogers told Kurariki that while Probation had suggested a
prison term, she wanted to hear from him to see if there were any alternatives, including a sentence of supervision.

"Clearly you feel a victim of the system and to some degree I can understand it is very difficult for you to adjust to the community after spending time in the system.''

She sentenced him to 14 months in prison, despite acknowledging
that his prison sentences had done "little to change your behaviour."

Judge Rogers questioned probation on another recommendation
which asked her to stop Kurariki talking to the media.

Judge Rogers said that could contravene the Bill of Rights Act and did not make such a ruling.

The charges Kurariki faced today stem from two separate incidents earlier this year.

Judge Rogers said Kurariki had been with his partner and a neighbour when a "heated argument" broke out.

She said the neighbour phoned police because he was concerned for the
safety of Kurariki's partner.

When Kurariki's friends turned up, he went outside and was locked out by his partner.

He kicked the door and was let back in before slapping his partner in
the face twice and punching the neighbour in the face twice, Judge
Rogers said.

The second incident happened in February when Kurariki was riding
his bike.

Judge Rogers said a neighbour greeted Kurariki and Kurariki
responded in "a friendly manner'' before his attitude completely

She said Kurariki kicked the man in the chest. When police arrived later that night, Kurariki kicked one of them, despite having his legs cuffed together at the time.

Judge Rogers sentenced Kurariki to 14 months in prison for the
male assaults female charge.

She also gave him two sentences of six months for each assault, and one month each for the disorderly behaviour and resisting arrest.

They will be served concurrently.

Judge Rogers also ordered Kurariki to undergo psychological treatment as well as drug and alcohol treatment once he is released.

Kurariki was convicted of manslaughter in 2002 for his role as a lookout in the killing of pizza delivery man Michael Choy. Kurariki, who was 12 at the time, was released from jail in 2008.