Residents of quake-devastated parts of Christchurch are being urged to be tolerant and think of others as they face weeks of using portaloos and chemical toilets.

Civil Defence said today parts of the city's wastewater network remained "still some way from repair".

A total of 1141 portaloos have so far been delivered, with a further 60 to be delivered today and another 60 on Monday. Almost 1000 portaloos are expected to leave United States this weekend.

Four thousand chemical toilets have arrived in the city with an estimated 2000 delivered so far. A further 5000 will arrive on Tuesday and a further 20,000 have been ordered.

Meanwhile the city council has issued "some tips on toilet etiquette to help ease the situation".

-Be tolerant.

-Think of your neighbours - leave the loo how you would like to find it.

-Be patient - Council staff are working around the clock to remedy the situation.

-Be scrupulous about hygiene - wash hands thoroughly and have plenty of hand sanitiser available.

Portaloos would remain on site for some days after water is restored in case sewer pipes are not usable. It may take a while for this damage to show.

Water had been restored to 78 percent of households as 120 crews work on fixing the supply.

Around 95 percent of the city has power and lines company Orion expects the balance, 14,000 homes, to be reconnected by the end of tomorrow.

Drivers are also asked to take it easy on the city's damaged roads.

Congestion was making the road repairs more difficult and was holding up the delivery and servicing of portable toilets, the movement of trucks removing silt and numerous other important services.