The wife of the hunter who killed school teacher Rosemary Ives has made an impassioned plea for the public not to judge him.

Brooke Mears says her husband Andrew Mears is a caring and thoughtful man, and a great father to their 15-month-old son.

But they accept he may go to jail for the death of Ives, 25, whom he shot dead on October 22 as she brushed her teeth with her boyfriend Adam Hyndman at a DoC campsite near Turangi.

Mears, 25, was spotlighting with three friends. He saw two lights in the bush which he thought were the eyes of a deer. Instead it was a head torch worn by Ives.

The motor trimmer from Hamilton admitted careless use of a firearm causing death when he appeared in the Taupo District Court on Wednesday.

The NZ Deer Stalkers Association wants Mears to be charged with manslaughter, to set an example to others.

Brooke Mears has revealed her husband and friends had been drinking on the day of the shooting.

"It was like half a can [an RTD]. And they were tested by the police and they tested negative," she said.

They have been married for three years and met at a drama class.

"He is an amazing father and a supportive husband. If you are a friend of Andrew's you are a friend forever. He loves getting out with our son, loves the outdoors. He has always been keen on camping and tramping .

"We love spending time with our son, we love taking the dog for a walk, we love seeing family at the beach.

"You know from the day I met Andrew I knew he was going to be an amazing father. Just how loving he is. We have seen each other through so much. And he has really supported me.

"I have been through some tough times. I recently went through post-natal depression but something like this puts your problems into perspective you know.

"Andrew has never ever given up on me. He is my rock. He is loyal, loving and the hardest part for me is knowing my darling husband has caused so much pain."

Brooke Mears said she and Mears were not seeking sympathy.

"He has put his hand up from the very beginning. He knows he did something wrong. He is willing to accept that 100 per cent," she said.

If it meant going to prison, he would accept that.

"If that's what it takes he will. He knows that is a possibility. We have had to come to terms as a family that is a possibility. Of course it crushes him. He is the last person ever you could imagine going anywhere near prison.

"Andrew will live with what he has done forever. I could never ever picture Andrew as the 'bad guy'. To see him in this light where he is copping a lot from people who want to put their two cents in and don't know the facts or Andrew... He knows he has done wrong and he has never fought that fact. Even in his sleep he will say 'I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry'.

"He is not sleeping [very well]. He is not eating. He has lost a dreadful amount of weight. He just says this is 'the price I have to pay'.

"What has been on my mind is that Rose will never have the opportunity to get married and have children. That's been on Andrew's mind a lot too. That's what her father said at the service that they are sad that this was a funeral and not a wedding."

Mears was seeing a psychiatrist and was taking sleeping medication.

She or Mears had not heard from Ives' family.

"We don't expect to any time soon. They need to be left alone to grieve...I couldn't begin to imagine the pain they are going through. If I lost my son or my husband I could not imagine the pain they are going through - it is just unfathomable.

"We are not seeking pity. He is absolutely feeling remorse. He wishes he could turn the clock back. But what has happened has happened. There is no way to right this wrong but he is willing to take responsibility for what has happened.

"He wants to make the process as painless as possible for Ives family - but nothing could ever take away the pain they are feeling."

Brooke Mears said she was angry the Deer Stalkers Association wanted her husband charged with manslaughter.

"I am appalled that they continue to push their political agenda. The reason we asked for the summary of facts to be read out in court was ... to make sure the facts were out there."

But Deerstalkers Association president Alec McIvor said Mears needed to be made an example of, and his three friends should also be charged.

"It sounds a bit callous but we have to stop these shootings and hunters have to realise there are other users of the parks out there including other hunters," he said.