Anti-war protesters intend to picket outside Parliament when United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signs the Wellington Declaration co-operation treaty tomorrow.

Peace Action Wellington member Valerie Morse said the Government had been alongside the US in the "global killing escapade that they call the war on terrorism" for nine years, and the group wasn't going to sit back and watch as closer ties were forged between the countries.

Ms Morse said the Government wanted a free-trade deal with the US to appease New Zealand capitalists, and wanted closer military relations to ensure global Western domination.

"Peace Action Wellington demands an immediate end to all New Zealand involvement in the phony war on terrorism: no more SAS, no more frigates, no more thinly-veiled occupations disguised as `reconstruction', no more spy bases," she said.

"We demand peace with justice and self-determination for Afghanistan, Iraq and all of the people of the world."

Ms Morse is a well-known anti-war activist who has also fought public battles on other issues.

She was arrested and fined for offensive behaviour after burning a New Zealand flag during an Anzac Day dawn service in Wellington.