The two parties have been at the bargainin' />

The secondary teachers' union says it is still negotiating a new offer from the Ministry of Education.

The two parties have been at the bargaining table in Wellington since 10am today.

PPTA negotiators were "astonished" by the ministry's new offer, Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) president Kate Gainsford said this afternoon.

Negotiators would wait to determine whether there was any "further movement possible", but had warned the ministry there would be no "game playing" allowed.

"Further industrial action will take place unless there is a greater sense of urgency seen at the table and a significantly greater commitment from the Government away from the table," she said.

Details of the offer made at the start of the negotiations have been sent to members.

The PPTA yesterday announced it had suspended this week's planned industrial action after assurances the ministry has a worthwhile offer to make.

Teachers are seeking a 4 per cent pay rise, rejecting the ministry's offer of a 1.5 per cent and a further 1 per cent next year.