A panicky postie's attempt to dump bags full of voting papers meant for Mangere householders was foiled by keen-eyed refuse collectors, says New Zealand Post.

"They spotted the documents poking through rips in two plastic rubbish sacks on the street outside a house," said postal services chief Peter Fenton.

The company said delivery of bundles of packs was a big job for posties.

But this one panicked and, instead of seeking help, put them in sacks for the kerbside rubbish collection.

Rubbish collectors alerted NZ Post and the postie, described as "new and on call", was sacked last week.

Voting packs for residents of two Rotorua streets suffered a similar fate, leading to a postie's suspension in the city.

About 400 voting packs were recovered and delivered to the Mangere addresses, though later than they should have on September 20.

However, reports this week of residents not getting their packs prompted a further inquiry.

The postie owned up to having dumped more packs, which are probably by now in a refuse landfill.

He was unable to say how many.

"We believe three streets are affected but, to be on the safe side, letters were delivered today to eight streets advising how to contact the electoral office to arrange for special voting papers or to make arrangement to vote in person.

"NZ Post acknowledges the inconvenience caused to customers and we apologise."

Mr Fenton said the incident was a blow to posties throughout the country who had delivered 2.95 million election packs on time.

Yesterday, the Herald reported concerns by Mangere resident Annette Conroy that she and a dozen neighbours had not received voting packs.

Last night, Mrs Conroy said she was shocked that the postie was to blame.

"We wondered why he did not come this week.He was a strapping chap and pleasant with it. He handed mail to the elderly neighbours and looked as straight as a die."

Mrs Conroy said her complaint to the electoral office brought a prompt response and she and a neighbour took their voting papers to vote at the Manukau City Council civic centre.

"But while we were there, everybody was talking about a whole area of Manurewa being missed out. They were calling it Votergate."

Last night, Wiri Licensing Trust election candidate Waina Emery said she had informed the electoral office of a dozen Manurewa residents who did not get voting papers, despite having lived in their homes for three years or more.

"I found them when I was going door to door giving out my 'Vote and Post' reminder leaflets. I soon changed my question from 'Have you voted?' to 'Did you get your forms?' and there are likely to be many more around, including the Hill Park and The Gardens areas.

"We have a little shemozzle here and if people don't get them quickly they will miss out."

However, electoral officer Dale Ofsoske said the names on Mrs Emery's list had different addresses to those on the electoral roll.

Electors should request a special vote by calling 09 973 5212.