Communications between David Garrett and his former party Act appear to have broken down after the disgraced MP this morning reportedly said he would resign from Parliament tomorrow without informing Act leader Rodney Hide.

A spokesman for the party said the first either Mr Hide or other party members knew of Mr Garrett's decision was a report this morning.

"Rodney had no idea. The first we knew of this was on Radio NZ."

Mr Garrett, who quit Act last week over revelations he acquired a passport in 1984 using a dead child's identity, was unavailable this morning to confirm the report.

Mr Hide said he'd spoken with Mr Garrett last night but he stopped short of saying Mr Garrett had confirmed to him he would resign from Parliament.

"We're getting there I don't want to say any more than that."

The two men "didn't discuss timing" around Mr Garrett's next move, he said.

Yesterday the Act leader said he believed Mr Garrett would resign as he would not want to be in the same position as Chris Carter, who is in limbo after being ousted from the Labour Party caucus.

"And I've said to him, `look David, the people of New Zealand voted for five Act MPs, that's what we need'. Obviously that's his decision."

Mr Hide said he did not think that the power balance in the party would swing against him should next on the ACT list Hilary Calvert enter Parliament. Act MPs Heather Roy and Sir Roger Douglas have been linked with coup talk recently, while Mr Garrett had supported Mr Hide.

ACT deputy leader John Boscawen said he had no plans to challenge Mr Hide.

"I think he's doing a great job."

Sir Roger said there had been no discussion of leadership at yesterday's caucus.

ACT did not reach the 5 per cent MMP threshold needed to win a seat without taking an electorate at the 2008 election. It is in Parliament because Mr Hide won the Epsom electorate.

One MP who won't miss Mr Garrett is the Maori Party's Hone Harawira who commented about the saga in his weekly newspaper column today.

"Every MP I've talked to feels the same way as me too `good riddance!!' Not because we're all holier than thou - we ain't - I'm a good example of the fallibility of the human condition, but what that guy done goes beyond the pale."

- NZPA, Adam Bennett