Former All Black Robin Brooke is at the centre of new sex allegations, accused of having sex with a drunken and "comatose" teenager 12 years ago.

TVNZ's Close Up show revealed last night that former All Black manager Mike Banks was called in to investigate the allegations, and it reported that Brooke later paid $1500 to a female witness.

The witness told Close Up she wrote a letter to the New Zealand Rugby Union at the time, saying she would not ask for more, and that she would not sell or tell her story.

The allegations follow revelations that Brooke groped a 15-year-old Auckland girl at a Fijian resort on New Year's Eve. He also assaulted her 17-year-old male friend, who came to her aid.

In February, Brooke publicly apologised to the families involved, as well as to the New Zealand public, for his behaviour.

He paid a financial settlement to the families and said he had not engaged in similar behaviour before - a comment which appears to have sparked the latest allegations.

The incident revealed last night allegedly took place in 1998 - a year after a teenager first met Brooke in July 1997 and when the pair had consensual sex. She was 17 at the time and he was 30 and had been married for eight months.

A year later, the woman and a friend - who told Close Up they were "no angels" - went to a bar hoping to meet All Blacks after a test.

"Robin caught my eye ... then a few minutes later he came over and said 'you girls want some drinks?'," the woman alleged to Close Up.

The woman's friend claimed that drinking shots of Chartreuse - which has alcohol content of 55 per cent - the trio ended up at her house.

She claimed she woke up in the night, naked, to find Brooke having sex with her friend, who was comatose on the bed.

"I was just completely disgusted with the situation," the friend said. "And then when I looked, he was on top of my friend having sex ..."

She said she tried to push him off but he would not get off.

The alleged victim said she woke up "sick to my gut" with someone having sex with her.

"I didn't want it. I was passed out, wasted and he was using my body like he had a right to my body," she told Close Up.

The friend alleged she repeatedly told Brooke to stop. A male flatmate told Close Up he also went into the room and threatened to call police unless Brooke stopped.

The friend claimed it was only when she was on the phone to police, telling the operator that "Robin Brooke is at my house ..." that he apologised repeatedly and told her he was leaving.

Former All Blacks manager Mike Banks also appeared on the programme, confirming that the New Zealand Rugby Union had received a letter of complaint from the victim's friend at the time.

Included in the envelope were some of Brooke's personal items, including socks he had been wearing and a credit card.

Mr Banks said the matter had been dealt with seriously and internally. He said he recalled Brooke being hugely remorseful. "It needed to be investigated and it was and I believe it came to a satisfactory conclusion."

The female friend said the rugby union offered counselling but it never eventuated and life became a downward spiral.

"I was really behind in my rent and so I remember Mike said if there's anything that we need I should call him. I wanted some kind of compensation and so I rang him up and he accused me of blackmail and then said, well fine, then you have to talk to Robin Brooke about this.

"Robin called ... He asked me how much I wanted and then he bargained with me and he said $1500, so I just accepted."

Robin Brooke refused to comment to Close Up and did not return calls last night.

TVNZ said it had sworn affidavits from the three people in the house with Brooke at the time of the alleged incident.

* Age 43.
* Played 69 All Blacks games (62 tests)
* Married to Hayley, the couple have four children.
* In January, a teenage girl alleged Brooke sexually harassed her in Fiji, and assaulted her 17-year-old male friend who came to her aid.
* Brooke later said he accepted the girl's version of events - that he had twice grabbed her backside while she was by the pool at a resort at Denarau. He apologised.
* Fiji police recommended charges be laid - a decision which ultimately lay with the country's police commissioner and which has not progressed.