Murders and violent assaults,' />

The three strikes bill, passed into law this week, probably won't prevent offenders from committing violent crimes.

Murders and violent assaults, in particular, don't appear to be premeditated. They appear to be the result of drink, drugs or blind fury and the inevitability of a long stretch in choky won't prevent the blood lust from being acted out.

I accept, too, the three strikes legislation will be expensive, once the offenders start being banged up.

And I understand there will be cases where offenders will appear to have been treated harshly when looking at the overall nature of their crimes.

But still.

After years of doing talkback, I get the sense that a lot of people have had a gutsful of violent crims. There's a sense that the courts are treating offenders lightly and criminals are roaming the streets, in an anarchic fashion, without fear of consequences.

Law-abiding members of the community have felt frustrated and powerless for some time but with the passing of the bill, there's a feeling that the something in the phrase "something needs to be done" is actually happening.

The three strikes law may be costly and limited in its ability to reduce crime and if so, in time it will be amended.

In the meantime, let's see this bill for what it is.

A chance to throw away the key on some seriously bad buggers and a morale booster for the good guys.