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Wellington Airport has backed down from a proposal to erect a "Wellywood" sign and is asking the public for alternative ideas.

The airport announced on March 8 that it would put a 28m wide by 3.5m high sign on steep hillside land it owns next to the Miramar cutting, in June.

The sign, which had been given resource consent by Wellington City Council, was designed to copy the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, right down to the staggered lettering.

But opposition from the public - and a possible legal stoush after Hollywood lawyers said it would be a trademark violation - led to a change of plans.

Wellington Airport chief executive Steve Fitzgerald today invited alternative ideas for "a sign celebrating the global success of Wellington's film industry" to be submitted via Facebook.

"There is general agreement that the sign is a good idea and there is a healthy discussion around various design ideas. We are listening and we would like to hear those ideas," he said.

"Our objectives are for the sign to say `Wellington', `film' and `global'. We think `WELLYWOOD' does that and so do many others.

"However, after discussing the issue with Mayor Kerry Prendergast we have decided to see if there is a better way of meeting these objectives. She suggested that we listen to some alternative ideas, given the strength of opinion on it, and we're happy to do that."

Suggestions could be made on the Wellington International Airport Facebook page.