Bailey Junior Kurariki had a charge dropped today after a probation officer told a court the information she had about his arrest was wrong.

Kurariki was released on bail when he appeared in the Manukau District Court today after spending the night in custody.

He was arrested last night when he failed to turn up at a court hearing yesterday on charges of indecent assault, committing an indecent act and assaulting a prison guard.

When he was first brought out of the cells and into the court today the Probation Service told the court he was with his partner when police arrested him yesterday and because a non association order had been issued, he would be charged with violating that order.

However, when his lawyer Shane Tait told the court he was with his sister and not his partner, the matter was adjourned until later in the day when the Probation Service admitted its "strong" information about his arrest was wrong and no charge would be laid.

Kurariki was due to make another appearance in court yesterday on charges laid after two female journalists tried to interview him. He was alleged to have indecently assaulted them and exposed himself.

When he failed to turn up yesterday, the court was told he had visited his probation officer and because he was unwell had gone to the doctor.

Judge Jonathan Moses said if he was well enough to go to the probation officer he was well enough to appear in court and issued an arrest warrant to apply if Kurariki did not appear in court by 4pm. He failed to appear on time, the warrant was issued and he was arrested.

In court today Mr Tait told the court Kurariki would be pleading not guilty to all charges, including a fresh charge of failing to appear in court under the terms of his bail.

He was remanded on his existing bail to appear again on May 7 but ordered to follow a curfew from 7pm to 7am.