A man accused of robbing and fatally shooting a South Auckland store owner fired a practice shot at home, then called for volunteers to join him in the raid, a court has heard.

Anitilea Chan Kee, 22, walked into the Manurewa liquor store owned by 30-year-old Navtej Singh, on June 7, 2008, with his rifle raised and his finger on the trigger, the jury in the High Court at Auckland was told yesterday.

Bursting into the shop, Chan Kee shouted, "Freeze, motherf****r, give us the money'," prosecutor Kirsten Gray said.

He was followed inside by Myron Robert Felise, 22, and Jason Naseri, 21, who began taking alcohol and cigarettes while Chan Kee kept the gun trained on Mr Singh and another man, Gurwinder Singh.

Ms Gray said Chan Kee didn't once let either man out of his line of sight.

The robbery was over in just 60 seconds and ended when Navtej Singh was shot in the abdomen at point-blank range. He died the following day.

Felise and Naseri allegedly took the alcohol out to a car where another accused, Tino Faamele Felise, 19, was waiting.

Two others, Eti Filoa, 25, and Walter McCarthy were acting as lookouts, the court heard.

All six men are charged with murdering Navtej Singh because they were party to the killing, even though Chan Kee was the alleged gunman.

"In a calm and deliberate way he lined him up and pulled the trigger," Ms Gray said.

As Mr Singh sank to the floor, he was able to pass the till, containing $4000, to Chan Kee.

Earlier that night, the accused had been drinking in the garage of a South Auckland house when they ran out of alcohol.

"They all chipped in and bought more. About 8pm that night Anitilea suggested they do a runaway or a robbery and asked for volunteers."

Ms Gray said Chan Kee took a rifle from his van and fired a practice shot outside, then went inside and asked who in the group was coming.

"As he was asking who was going he was loading the rifle," she said.

Jonathan Down, representing Chan Kee, said the Crown would have to prove he had murderous intent when he pulled the trigger and was therefore guilty of murder and not manslaughter. The trial is expected to last up to six weeks.