Moko the dolphin is still as playful as ever, despite being injured when a woman hit him with an oar last week.

The dolphin's dorsal fin - shown here with two oval grazes - was damaged after a woman on a waka ama boat struck him with an oar when the dolphin kept bumping into their hulls - preventing them from coming into shore.

The oar reportedly snapped as a result.

Despite the attack, people who have been with Moko in the past few days say he is the "same old" Moko, just as playful and continues to enjoy playing with people.

Kim Marshall and her family, husband David and children Chloe and Bryn, were at Otarawairere Bay at Ohope at the weekend and enjoyed their time with Moko.

"He was as friendly as if he was your pet dog," Mrs Marshall said.

"He was just swimming with us and all he wanted to do was play."

Mrs Marshall said although the family knew what had happened to Moko and could see the scars on his fin, the injuries did not look as if they had been too severe.

"It doesn't look nasty or infected or anything. If you didn't know [what had happened] you'd probably think: 'Oh he's been caught up in the waves' but he looks really good and happy [like] it wasn't affecting him at all."

Police and the Department of Conservation are considering laying charges against the woman for allegedly assaulting Moko.

The attack happened off a Bay of Plenty beach last week.

Police have been interviewing witnesses and DoC will review the statements before deciding whether to press charges, the Gisborne Herald reported.

DoC also reported Moko to be in "good spirits and up to his old tricks".