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Immigration New Zealand has spelled "Singaporeans" incorrectly on its proposed online marketing website which is due to go live soon.

"We are working with the Immigration New Zealand branch manager to make sure we are getting the right tone of our messages and that we are not making any glaring errors that might upset," a department researcher said in an email to the Herald.

"We did a similar thing with the UK and US marketing - make sure that words used, for example, would make sense in each country."

But the header on the Government agency's website aimed at attracting immigrants from Singapore read: "New Zealand open arms to Singaporians."

Immigration NZ will try to win over Singaporean migrants by selling New Zealand as a country which offers "brilliant work and study experiences plus a relax lifestyle" - and affordable housing and car ownership.

"Compared to prices in Singapore, you'll probably find your money will go a very long way in the New Zealand housing market," prospective migrants will be told.

"Unlike in Singapore, where there is such a high population density, you'll be able to find yourself affordable housing with a great location to match."

Easy car ownership is also seen as another way to tempt those from a country where they have to bid for the right to own a car - and pay tens of thousands of dollars to obtain a certificate of entitlement to own one.

"You can find affordable automobiles, new or used.

"While public transport may be the most popular way to get around in Singapore, in New Zealand it's quite common, and at times, more convenient to own a car."