Kiwi favourite the Moro bar is the latest in a line of Cadbury products to soon be made offshore.

The news follows last week's furore over the production of Minties moving to Thailand, resulting in a change in the taste and texture of the chewy lolly.

With Moro - New Zealand's best-selling chocolate bar - Crunchie, Perky Nana, Jet Planes and Milk Shakes will soon be made in Melbourne. But never fear - Jaffas, Chocolate Fish and Pineapple Lumps will stay in Dunedin.

Cadbury New Zealand managing director Matthew Oldham said he understood New Zealanders would be disappointed the products would no longer be made here, but "we had no choice but to make some pretty hard decisions".

Continuing production in New Zealand was simply not economically viable, he said.

Cadbury revealed major changes to its business two years ago when it closed its Avondale factory, with the loss of 125 jobs.

A restructuring of a factory in Dunedin is getting rid of "antiquated" machinery and cutting 140 jobs. Oldham couldn't promise consumers wouldn't notice changes to the treats but said "wherever technically possible, we're trying to match these products".

The shift in production is the latest controversy for Cadbury.

Last year, there was outrage over the decision to stop making Snifters and other lollies and this year, the decision to use palm oil in chocolate led to such outrage that Cadbury eventually backtracked.

Oldham said he didn't fear further backlash after the latest announcement.

The Australian-made products will hit New Zealand shelves early next year.