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They're known for their laidback lifestyle - now Gisborne residents have been revealed to have the country's most relaxed nether regions.

The city has topped an online poll on how often New Zealanders let rip downstairs.

The study was conducted for the makers of kiwifruit-based bowel health product Phloe.

Almost three quarters of Gisborne residents surveyed said they experienced flatulence every day.

Mayor Meng Foon said a local fondness for kinas - or sea eggs - might be to blame.

"There's a lot of seafood around here, and we love our onions. Everything is cooked with onions in Gisborne."

George FM host and former resident Clarke Gayford said the results showed the honesty of east coasters.

"They're not afraid to own up to their bodily functions. It's a badge of pride in Gisborne," he said.

"It's just as well it's first to see the sun, otherwise the slogan might be something else - 'Windier than Wellington', maybe."

The poll of 1000 people revealed the windy city barely rates a mention when it comes to bodily gusts, coming in 13th of 16 centres.

Second was Wanganui, where just under half of those surveyed admitted to letting loose on a daily basis.

Least likely to pass wind were residents in Timaru, Whangarei and Auckland.