Thousands of Auckland bus users could still be disrupted by strike action if a meeting between unions and NZ Bus does not end in agreement this afternoon.

Unions decided to meet with the bus company following a delegates meeting yesterday.

The unions rejected a pay rise offer of 10.4 per cent by NZ Bus on Friday with almost 98 per cent of drivers and cleaners voting against the offer.

The offer would have seen drivers with nine months experience on $16.75 an hour - which covers 90 per cent of the drivers - receive an 11 per cent increase over three years. Drivers with less experience were to receive a slightly higher pay rise of up to 13 per cent.

National Distribution Union spokesman Karl Andersen said the unions are prepared to negotiate.

He said they are committed to winning a fair pay rise and have agreed to take part in the mediated meeting.

"We'll give that a chance to settle. If we can't settle, we'll move into the next stage of the campaign," Mr Andersen said.

Asked if that meant strike action, Mr Andersen said he would not say.

However, on Friday, he told that strike action was likely because NZ Bus would not present a revised offer.

This morning Mr Andersen said the unions were willing to negotiate but that the bus company was not.

NZ Bus spokeswoman Megan McSweeney said the company is keen to hear what the unions have to say.

Asked if the company was willing to negotiate, she said she would not discuss negotiations through the media.

NZ Bus operates Metrolink, Go West, Waka Pacific, North Star, Link and City Circuit buses which carry 80,000 passengers a day.