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Siddesh Sajjan was the victim of what immigration investigators called an "organised crime fraud ring" run by Neelam Choudary's husband, Kumar.

Neelam Choudary is the woman who alleges National's Richard Worth sent her sleazy text messages.

Mr Sajjan paid thousands of dollars to the Choudarys for a job offer soon after arriving from India in 2002, only to find the job did not exist.

It left him fearing for his immigration status and made him depressed and suicidal. "I felt they had ruined my life - I could not believe they could do that to a person."

Mr Sajjan ended up helping the Department of Labour's immigration fraud unit on the scam. Kumar Akkineni Choudary was convicted for his role and sentenced to 125 hours' community work in February.

Co-accused Lourdu Joseph William Reddy was sentenced to 200 hours' community service.

Nancee Vuetibau, who received a cut of the money for producing some of the offers, pleaded guilty and received 22 months' home detention.

Neelam Choudary did not face any charges and the department said there was no evidence of her involvement.

The scam tricked more than 20 people into paying between $3000 and $22,000 for job offers to submit to Immigration NZ to get residency.

Mr Sajjan said associates of the Choudarys had approached him yesterday offering to "negotiate" if he kept quiet.