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National MP Richard Worth sent text messages of a sexual nature to a married mother-of-two asking if she wanted something to happen to her husband so they could be together, she says.

The woman, who does not want to be identified, said she received 40 text messages and 60 phone calls from Dr Worth between November 26 and February 23.

Having met during the election campaign, Dr Worth texted the woman on November 26 and asked her to meet him.

Initially she did not know who the message was from but called him and agreed to meet at a cafe.

He offered her a job as an ethnic affairs adviser.

After that meeting he called her again and offered her a job as a member of the Lottery Grants Board.

Dr Worth told the woman she would have to leave the Labour Party, of which she was a member, and join National, she said.

While the woman was on a international family trip the text messages became more explicit.

"These conversations ranged from asking me to buy a transparent garment for myself and whether I wanted a welcome banner at the airport when I returned."

She said that by now she was uncomfortable "with his tone and his approach".

Subsequent messages asked when the woman and Dr Worth would go swimming together and were ended with "xxx" to signify kisses.

"I did not realise what this meant at first and had to ask my husband."

Several of the phone calls the woman received from Dr Worth were "vulgar, sexually explicit and I believe were made when he was drunk".

She said Dr Worth once asked her if she prayed something would happen to her husband so she and Dr Worth could be together.

"I do not think that text messages and phone calls made by Dr Worth to me were acceptable. They were unwanted. They left me feeling uncomfortable."

The woman said she wanted to show respect to Dr Worth as an older person and Minister of the Crown but "repeatedly made it clear to him that I didn't want a relationship with him".

The woman said she took the matter to Labour leader Phil Goff so the messages and calls would stop.

She did not want publicity but said she spoke out to counter calls for evidence. She would provide copies of text messages and phone records and meet with Prime Minister John Key if he requested it.

Mr Goff said he passed on the woman's concerns, but not copies of the correspondence, to Mr Key on May 6.

Dr Worth's "unsolicited behaviour" made the woman feel "extremely uncomfortable", Mr Goff said.

"She said today's statement was an opportunity to give her side of the story."