ACC today announced the proposals to reorganise ' />

About 70 jobs will go in a restructuring of the Accident Compensation Corporation's head office.

ACC today announced the proposals to reorganise a number of teams based in its corporate office.

Affected staff and the Public Service Association had been advised of the proposals, as had all other ACC employees, said ACC chief executive Jan White.

ACC expects to complete the consultation process by the middle of June, and have changes in place in July.

Already ACC has removed 150 contractor roles from the business.

Dr White said with the proposed changes, a total of about 180 positions would be affected but many of those people would move into new roles. However, the new structures did have about 70 fewer positions than previously existed.

"These proposals are being driven by three factors," Dr White said.

"First, we always need to ensure that we operate in the most efficient way possible, while still meeting the needs of our clients.

"Second, the proposed new structures would better support changes to some other parts of our business, including putting more focus on the front line where we are adding another 100 roles. They also recognise the fact that some programmes of work have been completed, de-scoped or stopped.

"Lastly, we are conscious of the impact of the current recession and the expectations of the Government and the community that ACC should always deliver value for money," said Dr White.

Assistance would be made available to staff who may need it, such as counselling.