Racing authorities are asking for jockey Lisa Cropp to be disqualified from riding for 12 months and about $90,000 in fines and costs for her positive test to methamphetamine.

A committee appointed by racing's Judicial Control Authority found Cropp guilty last month of breaching racing's rules after she failed a drug test at a race meeting in 2005.

She fought the case through the courts on legal grounds before it went back to a JCA committee, which found her guilty of one serious racing charge.

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing's lawyer Simon Moore said at oral submissions on her penalty today that Cropp should receive the maximum penalty of 12 months disqualification and a fine of $10,000.

He said methamphetamine could be dangerous to other jockeys and horses and could give her a competitive advantage and its use needed to be deterred.

Mr Moore said it was also significant that she never expressed remorse and prolonged the legal fight for many years while able to still ride, during which time she earned about $947,000 in New Zealand.

"This committee disbelieved her and evidence was described as arrogant, unconvincing, flippant, obtuse and sometimes evasive," he said.

Mr Moore said the prolonged nature of the hearing meant there were large costs for NZTR, which had warned Cropp during proceedings that she could face them.

Submissions to the committee said costs to NZTR and its lawyers were about $110,000, and Mr Moore asked for 80 per cent of that to be imposed.

Ms Cropp's lawyer Antony Shaw said a moderate penalty was necessary, particularly as Ms Cropp was a first offender.

Cropp was excused from appearing today.