A young rapist encouraged by his foster father to rape a woman will be out of jail by December.

Maka Renata was 14 when he and foster father Dean Hiroki, a serial rapist and Mongrel Mob member, attacked a Wellington woman on Cuba Street in June 1999.

They dragged her into an alley and took turns raping her while holding a knife to her throat.

About 16 months later, Renata sodomised his 15-year-old best friend and cellmate, receiving another three years in jail on top of the seven he was serving for the first rape.

Renata is now 23 and though he was due to be freed more than two years ago, Corrections applied for a special Parole Act order to keep him in jail until his final release date of December 2 this year, The Dominion Post reported today.

Previous Parole Board decisions showed concerns about his release, noting last year he "has no ordinary life skills",

He was aged 14 when social workers placed him with Hiroki, who had admitted he had convictions for burglary and assault but failed to mention numerous convictions for rape, attempted rape and threatening to kill.