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TVNZ Breakfast presenter Paul Henry will have a constant reminder of the time he openly lampooned a female guest's moustache.

The controversial telly personality has bought several T-shirts from web retailer Mr Vintage, who released a new tee with Henry's on-air remarks: "That is a moustache on a lady" beside his smiling head.

"I think it's quite funny," Henry said.

"Social commentary on T-shirts is quite brilliant and it's a modern way of getting a message across. I went in and bought a few. I like them."

A fortnight ago, Henry outraged viewers and women's groups by reading out a number of derogatory emails, which commented on Greenpeace spokeswoman Stephanie Mills' moustache, after she was invited as a guest on the popular TV One show.

Henry ignored pleas from producers and continued talking about Mills' facial hair, telling those who were upset to "start a group" and asking, "how hard can it be to wax?"

Henry has refused to apologise despite TVNZ investigating a number of complaints.

Thankfully he won't be outraging more viewers by appearing on-air donning his recent purchases.

"I won't be wearing them on TV," he said.

"It was a little thing as far as I'm concerned and it hasn't been a topic of conversation since.

"I haven't spoken to Stephanie and she hasn't called me. I think she has broader issues to worry about ... I don't regret what I said."

Robert Ewan of Mr Vintage said the T-shirt has been "hugely popular" and they hadn't received any complaints about it.

The shirt has outsold the controversial David Bain T-shirt, which copied designs from the accused murderer's woollen jerseys.

TVNZ spokeswoman Megan Richards said the company has received about eight complaints.

The complaints are dealt with under the formal complaints process, where there are 20 working days for the company to formulate a response.

Any complainants not satisfied with the response can forward concerns to the Broadcasting Standards Authority.