A group of students from Hamilton's Fairfield College have been caught breaking into homes during school hours, for the second time in three weeks.

On February 28 a community constable nabbed seven students who were carrying a host of items which two others had stolen from a house earlier that day - including a $600 bottle of wine.

North Hamilton Acting Sergeant Craig Berquist said they were charged with receiving stolen goods and referred to Youth Aid for "follow up action".

However, today police said the arrest appeared to offer little deterrent as four of that group were this morning found to have broken into another home while skipping class.

"It appears they've used the same (modus operandi), leaving school via Donny Park and gaining entry to the property from there," Mr Berquist said.

"While four students have been arrested we're looking for another two as well with the age spread of those involved being 14-16."

It was worrying that young people were involved in such serious offending, but there were some positives to be taken from their repeat capture, Mr Berquist said.

"Today's arrests resulted from neighbours noticing something was amiss and immediately contacting police, enabling a prompt response by us.

"During the earlier incident the students were identified by Fairfield Community Constables during their truancy patrols, so the methods put in place to deter truancy are working."

Two of the students also confessed their involvement in another burglary from Friday night.

Police said they were working with the school and Ministry of Education to find a solution to the problem and the four had been again referred to Youth Aid.