A proposal to build a cycleway the length of New Zealand appears to have gained momentum, with high level discussions about it having taken place today.

The proposal was one of the more unusual ideas to have come out of the jobs summit held in Auckland last month, with the initiative slated as a potential benefit to tourism and employment.

Prime Minister John Key said he had met this morning with senior officials to discuss such a project.

"The issue is being taken seriously," he said.

"Obviously there are a range of factors that need to be considered.

"But it's a serious initiative and while there is a quirkiness about it, in our opinion it could be a major tourist activity - both domestically and for international tourists.

"There are a lot of potential jobs involved and I think it is a long term thing that New Zealanders will look back on and be proud that they've got."

Mr Key said it was too early to talk in detail about employment prospects or potential start dates, but discussions had touched on issues which would need to be considered, including the surface for such a track.

A $50 million cost estimate which was thrown up at the jobs summit was a "rough, back of a piece of paper determination".

Mr Key said officials were actively working on a delivery plan for the Government.