Key Points:

Killer Antonie Dixon has been segregated from fellow prisoners after pulling a "makeshift" weapon on his defence lawyer.

The incident occurred at Auckland Central Remand Prison where Dixon, 40 is awaiting sentence for shooting dead a man and severing the hands of two women with a samurai sword during a P-fuelled crime spree in 2003.

Prison staff were forced to intervene when Dixon pulled a weapon his lawyer Barry Hart on January 17, The Sunday News reported today.

"Staff supervising the meeting between the prisoner and his lawyer saw the prisoner get agitated and attempt to remove what they believed to be a makeshift weapon from his shoe," a Corrections spokeswoman said.

"Staff quickly intervened before the situation could escalate.

"Thanks to the quick actions of these staff members, there were no injuries."

It is the second time Dixon has been involved in an incident with a weapon inside prison.

In December 2007 he used fork to try to gouge out eye of a fellow prisoner who required hospitalisation.

Corrections had not involved police and it is understood Mr Hart would not be laying a complaint.

Corrections Minister Judith Collins last night confirmed she had been told briefly about the January 17 incident.

She had ordered "a full report on the incident" which she expected later this week.

Dixon was convicted last year of murder, grievous bodily harm and kidnapping following a retrial into relation to the 2003 crime spree.

Mr Hart has indicated he will seek a third trial.