Key Points:

Police have recovered the body of Australian tourist Akshay Miranda, which had been trapped beneath ice on Fox Glacier.

Brothers Akshay, 22, and Ashish Miranda, 24, were crushed beneath falling ice last Thursday. Ashish's body was located by police shortly after the accident but it had been too dangerous for searchers to go after his brother.

Police said the river exiting the glacier had shifted bringing more water through the area where Mr Miranda's body was thought to lie. A large portion of ice was washed away and it was hoped the body would also be dislodged.

Department of Conservation staff today found a red cap, thought to belong to Mr Miranda, about 500 metres downstream.

An aerial search of the Fox River spotted the body about 10km downstream at 12.30pm.

Police said Akshay was located out of the water on a gravel island approximately 1 metre from the waters edge.

He was lying on his back with his arms by his side. Akshay did not have any personal items on him.

He will now be transported to Christchurch for a post-mortem before being released to his family.

Police said Mr and Mrs Miranda had been advised that their son had been located, they were understandably relieved.

It is likely that the funeral which was planned in the near future for Ashish will be delayed until Akshay can be reunited with his family.

Police said his body would be taken to Christchurch for a post-mortem before being released to his family.