Key Points:

The Greens gain a new MP and National lose one with the special votes now counted.

There were 270,965 special votes - that is people who voted in advance, from outside their electorate or overseas.

The results were released by Chief Electoral Officer Robert Peden this afternoon.

The Greens picked up about 0.3 per cent, or about 70,000 more party votes.

That gives them a ninth MP - Kennedy Graham. He has been attending Caucus and preparing to become an MP as it was always likely he would make it in. The Greens traditionally do well on special votes.

Likewise, National's Cam Calder will not be too surprised to lose his spot as the 59th National MP.

No electorate results were changed.

There is a 122-seat Parliament - an overhang of two because the Maori Party won more electorate seats than was reflected in party vote support.